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Feb. 21st, 2009

House shibou shita!!

Mada Ikiteiku?

Jun. 18th, 2008

How many times do we walk in circles?

I tried that once kept trying to walk in a perfect circle.
It can't be done.
It always come out oval or broken.
I'm in human form again. that can be interesting. However at times I forget the little aches and pains. The rain on wet skin and the very itch of an insect bite.

I can still remember his face. The cute teacher I once loved. Pined for and was rejected. Teased by classmates and it all catches up on me.
Confined by my watery prison.
Nothing save the sound of my own shallow breathing, and the haunting,
transcendent sound of water all around.
I swallow, longing to take the comfort inside of me and hold it forever.
Limbs slow, weighted, free.
Floating, but held in place. Flexing, but still.
Gulp, I drink,
and realize that I am the water,
I am the water. I am the water,
but I am the blood as well,
coppery, fluid,
I swallow but I am drinking myself.
An endless swallow, purge, swallow, purge,
and I am again the water, the blood.
These are my words, and I stretch... but cannot break free.
Confined by my watery grave.
I have been hanging with Sokka. Also spending lots of time practicing. I like Sokka he is a bit jumpy but he funny and I like him. Plus he is not scared of me.
I have to think about now. I have a student and it is stuff I know well. Born to it and yet to find the right way to pass the knowledge is difficult. There is no magic hand wave to say learn.

I have to put myself in both mind sets. Student and teacher, very awkward at times.
They are here the disturbance in the air.
The very water .
Friend or foe?
The sound of insects has always been loud.
The harmonic song.
Only they understand.
Play the tape back wards.
Can we understand the words?
Listen, listen
Your wizards are raising basilisks. The new dark lord seems to think he can control them. But you have allies. The centeurs and a freedom fighting movement. Yes they are drilling muggles but I got what you need to close there next rift. Not saying they will stop trying but it's a start. Next time we won't be so lucky. I shall show the images of the events later.

Mean time this is Sadako Yamara lending some help. Oh keep my warning about the tape in mind. Don't destroy it either. It will just get burned to another tape. I will find the bit of my dark half that broke lose soon enough.

I got another problem. I am human right now. So I will be needing help.

Nov. 1st, 2007

 I was in the school,  and things got chaotic. 

There was   this robed guy and he was trying to threaten me. So  I grabed him and  the flashes I saw where weird, Big snakes in a large chamber.  Some in cages  and some not.  I can't be sure how many. This guy thought alot about snakes.  I think he was raising them.

Anyway  I killed him.  I am still trying to  put the images together though. I don't know this world he is from.    Oh and  The Sea Goblins are back.  Theygot evil image of me again.  Three died cause of it. Some creepy angel a blond lady and a white haired boy.  The tape was marked  Suicicidal Suicide Girls. So please don't destroy it and don't watch it.  

That is all , oh  and I am still looking for  a good haunt. So many ghosts here I don't know where to go.
 The  sight of the static and fiz becons me. 
My tape  is  calling and I got a new viewer.  
Just when I thought it was over.

I never seen this place. There is  quite buetiful though.  
The air filled with the scent of torture  and pain.   

Where is this place  and  why do I feel called to it?

((Sadako has arrived in silent hill.))


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